Operational Guidance & Consulting

How Skyward Can Help

Companies rely on Skyward's team of experts to get up and running right away, avoid pitfalls common to new drone operations, and maximize ROI. Use our experts to develop a proof of concept, train your team, create efficient workflows, lower risks, and handle regulatory logistics.

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Launch to ROI

Launch to ROI

We'll help you identify and develop a high-potential initial use case, create a general operating manual and flight procedures, and ensure you have the tools you need so you can see results as soon as possible.

Efficient, Low-Risk Flights

Efficient, Low-Risk Flights

From ground school training to advanced flight scenarios, our training partners will ensure that your flight crews receive standardized training, understand regulations, and ready to get certified by your regulator.

Regulatory Assistance

Regulatory Assistance

Do you have an innovative use case in mind that requires flying at night, beyond line of sight, or over people? Our experts will help you make your case, prove equivalent levels of safety, and work with your regulator.

2018 Industry Report

The State of Drones in Big Business

We partnered with a third-party firm, Blue Research®, to obtain unbiased data from $50M+ companies. What are the major trends in the commercial drone market? How are companies using drone technology and are they realizing ROI? What are their major challenges?

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Standard Operating Procedures for Drones

General operating manuals and checklists standardize flight processes and provide a consistent workflow and transparent operating environment for your employees, customers, and other stakeholders. They also provide evidence to insurers, regulators, and customers that you are running a safe, trustworthy operation.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Scaling up was a real struggle at our company, being so big and with so many different offices. We partnered with Skyward to build our operations manual and our safe work practices, and we’re in the process of evolving those over time.

Kevin Grover

UAS Operations Manager, Stantec

Looking Ahead: Drone Operations in the 5G-Connected Future

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